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Don't be Fooled by Jet It

Updated: May 30, 2023

CEO of Jet It, Glenn Gonzales, has made a bold attempt to blame Honda Aircraft Company for his own company's failures. Don't be fooled by his claims. Do your own homework.

Remember when you were a kid and you didn't study for your math exam and then blamed your teacher for your bad grade? Well, hopefully you didn't actually do that, but if you did, I bet your parents had a discussion with you about taking responsibility for your own failures.

Jet It HondaJet

Recently CEO of Jet It, Glenn Gonzales, wrote a letter to all of his HondaJet fractional ownership customers in which he blamed Honda Aircraft Company for his failure to keep his customers supported with their HondaJets in the air. Jet It CEO Slams HondaJet Support

Don't be fooled. The opinion of one fractional operator is not an accurate representation of even a small portion of the total fleet of owners. The HondaJet has upheld an impressive dispatch rate of 99.7% ever since entering into service in December of 2015. Jet It operates about 10% of the HondaJet fleet, and Mr. Gonzales claims that he has been unable to reach even an 83% dispatch rate due to reliability and service. You should ask yourself how it is that Jet It was unable to maintain a reasonable dispatch rate when the entire fleet was averaging 99.7%. You should also ask yourself why the other HondaJet fleet operators are not experiencing the same problems as Jet It. And you don't have to take Honda Aircraft Company's word alone. Instead we suggest that you reach out to actual HondaJet owners and operators before you believe Mr. Gonzalez that the HondaJet is unreliable. One way we suggest you pursue these conversations is by logging on to HondaJet Owners & Pilots Association (free to join as a prospective buyer or spectator).

Global Elite Aviation has sold over 30 HondaJets and been involved in countless additional HondaJet transactions, and can tell you without a doubt that HondaJet owners have been extremely satisfied with the reliability of this truly class leading aircraft. Not a single one of our customers made the decision to sell their HondaJet based on its reliability. We speak to HondaJet owners and operators on a daily basis being the only Aircraft Brokerage Firm that is completely dedicated to the HondaJet. We asked a few of them how they feel about the reliability of the HondaJet. Here is what they had to say.

"I was a perfectly happy TBM930 owner operator. I met the HondaJet team at Oshkosh in 2021. After my introduction to the people and the aircraft I was determined to fly one. The following week I found myself at Des Moines Flying Service for my first flight in a HondaJet. After that flight and again meeting the team at DMFS I knew I was going to make the change. In 18 months I will have owned and operated an Elite, Elite S and Elite II soon. I have had no issues with the first two aircraft. We have had great support from DMFS and HondaJet and have not missed a flight to date." - Keith McGovern, HondaJet Elite S Owner and HondaJet Elite II Deposit Holder, North Dakota
"As a HondaJet owner and operator with over 450 hours in the plane, the HondaJet continues to impress me. I've taken the plane over The Atlantic to Europe and to Africa and haven't had to "no go" a flight due to unscheduled maintenance a single time. I've had dead battery issues, but they've been quickly addressed by Honda. I could have a lucky aircraft, but the reliability for my aircraft can't be beat." - Jonathan Schaff, HondaJet Owners and Pilots Association Board Member, HondaJet SN 15 Owner, Montana
"Soulbird operates and manages a mixed fleet of 13 aircraft manufactured by Cessna, Beechcraft, Gulfstream and Honda. Each OEM's make/model has unique traits that attract a specific customer type based on their mission and needs. Our 2017 HondaJet Classic and 2020 HondaJet Elite jets each fly approximately 200-300 hours a year. We have had no major issues with reliability or OEM support and the plane performs as advertised. Pilots love the roomy, technology packed cockpit. Our owners/charter clients love the spacious bright cabin, cargo space, lavatory with hard doors, sink and skylight. As a company that operates and also owns some of its aircraft, we realize there is no such thing as a perfect plane or OEM. We are continuously engaged with OEMs, Service Centers and provide realtime input to enhance overall safety." - Sho Kassam, Owner of Soulbird Aviation Charter and Management, HondaJet SN 70 and HondaJet Elite SN 188 Operator, Oklahoma
"We are on our second HondaJet now and we are very pleased with its performance and reliability." - Dennis O'Keefe, HondaJet Elite SN 173 Owner, California
"We would like to respond to the comments we read by Jet It CEO, Glenn Gonzalez. We have owned and operated a HondaJet for the past 6 years. In fact, each time an upgrade or improved technology and performance for the HondaJet has become available we have moved up to the newer version. We are currently flying our 3rd HondaJet and have on order a new Elite II which will be our 4th. We fly approximately 200 to 300 hours per year. We have been very satisfied with HondaJet's support in every aspect including responsiveness, training, and maintenance. In 6 years of operating we can not remember a single incidence when we have been unable to use our HondaJet as planned. Specifically, Cutter Aviation in Phoenix, Banyan Air Service in Fort Lauderdale, and Keystone Aviation in Salt Lake City have provided timely and excellent service. Scheduled maintenance has been performed as expected and what little unscheduled maintenance we have had has been taken care of in a timely manner." - HondaJet Elite Owner and HondaJet Elite II Deposit Holder, Nevada

I bet your parents also taught you not to believe everything you read. So instead do your own homework. We are confident that you will find there are likely many other reasons why Mr. Gonzalez was unable to take care of his customers, some of which every other operator is also currently struggling with. Upon doing your own research and having your own discussions with current HondaJet owners, we have no doubt that you will discover a family of aircraft owners and operators who are not only sincerely satisfied with the HondaJet's reliability and with Honda Aircraft Company's support, but are genuinely passionate advocates of the world's most advanced light jet in its class.

Safe travels and happy Holiday Season.

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