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Aircraft Acquisition

Our Process

Purchasing a HondaJet

Purchasing an airplane can be an exciting decision.  Purchasing the right airplane at the right time and for the right price is a wise and exciting triumph.  With our experienced knowledge of the market, unique industry resources, and compelling negotiation skills, we can help guide you to make an informed and educated decision that you can feel both confident and thrilled about.  Our aircraft acquisition process is both strategic, comprehensive, and successfully proven.

HondaJet Elite Cabin Moonlight

Custom Needs Assessment

Applying our experienced aircraft knowledge and market expertise, we work with you to determine your target budget, operating and annual fixed costs, as well as determine your mission and passenger profile. From there we identify which aircraft models best meet your desired criteria, and establish a well-defined path forward to find the ideal aircraft for you that best suits your specific needs.

Comprehensive Market Search

Leveraging our extensive network of industry contacts, we conduct a worldwide search for the identified target aircraft, including contacting manufacturers, dealers, brokers, and even customers to help find off-market aircraft opportunities.  We identify potential acquisition candidates and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of each aircraft, including the aircraft’s specifications, market valuation, ownership history summary, maintenance records, and recent competitive sales comps.

Red HondaJet Flying Over Alps
HondaJet Elite Monarch Orange

Educated Purchase Offer

Deducing from our experienced understanding of the market, we determine accurate values for the identified aircraft candidates, and provide you with our educated recommendation for an offer.  We then draft letters of intent on your behalf, submit formal offers, review the proposed purchase agreements, coordinate the title company documentation, and consult with legal counsel as needed.  We also obtain maintenance and refurbishment quotes as needed, as well as provide you with financing options, tax advisors and aircraft management company recommendations.

Informed Pre-Buy Inspection

Sourcing from our expansive network of industry connections, we secure availability and a cost and work scope quote for a pre-purchase inspection with an appropriate maintenance facility.  We provide an equipment list to the inspection facility, monitor the inspection process, review the inspection and test flight report, make recommendations, and negotiate the resolution of any inspection issues for you.

HondaJet Elite Gold Paint Scheme
HondaJet Elite Ruby Red

Knowledgeable Aircraft Acceptance

Implementing our experienced aircraft understanding, we ensure the pre-purchase inspection satisfies any and all discrepancies, as well as that all major repair items are covered at the seller’s expense.  We then assure you that the aircraft is in an acceptable condition to proceed with closing, and coordinate the aircraft acceptance documentation on your behalf.

Thorough Pre-Closing

HondaJet for sale

Applying our practiced familiarity of the process, we prepare and coordinate through escrow all required FAA filings and documentation, obtain a title search of the aircraft and engines, arrange an insurance binder, and coordinate the closing procedures with all parties.  We provide you with advice regarding any closing issues that should arise, and consult with recommended tax and legal counsel as needed.

HondaJet Cockpit G3000

Successful Delivery

Utilizing our veteran competence in aircraft closings, following the distribution of funds in escrow and final FAA filings, we coordinate your aircraft delivery or pick-up date, location and logistics.  We manage all airframe and engine program transfers, as well as any requested ownership or operations support services.  We manage a successful closing with all parties in order to maximize your return and reward.

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