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Aircraft Brokerage

Our Process

Selling my HondaJet

Selling your airplane can be a gratifying decision.  Selling your airplane for the right price at the right time is a rewarding and gratifying victory.  With our experienced market intelligence, tenacious negotiation skills, and strong existing relationships with reliable buyers, we can help to get you the maximum value for your airplane in the shortest period of time.  Our aircraft brokerage process is both strategic, comprehensive, and successfully proven.

Sourcing from our expansive network of industry connections, we make arrangements for the aircraft pre-purchase inspection, monitor the inspection process, review the inspection report, make recommendations, handle the resolution of inspection issues with the buyer, and coordinate aircraft acceptance documentation.  We negotiate fair terms on your behalf for the pre-purchase inspection in order to ensure that you are represented fairly and protected during the pre-buy inspection.

HondaJet Elite Orange
HondaJet Elite for sale

Custom Listing Presentation

Sourcing from our extensive industry resources and connections, we have your aircraft professionally photographed, and produce a high-quality specification sheet and sales brochure for your aircraft.

HondaJet Red Flying Over Ocean

Comprehensive Buyer Search

Leveraging our extensive existing customer base as well as vastly experienced sales skills, we personally reach out to prospective buyers with whom we have existing relationships with, as well as cold call prospective buyers who fit the owner profile of a buyer for your aircraft.  We provide you with regular updates regarding discussions we have with prospective buyers, submit offers to you and provide our input on them, and keep you well-informed throughout the entire process.

HondaJet Classic

Tenacious Negotiations

Applying our practiced and perfected exceptional negotiation abilities, we negotiate the sale of your aircraft on your behalf in order to maximize the price you receive for it.  We strive to gain you every dollar possible for your valuable asset.


Educated Pricing Strategy

Utilizing our industry resources and market knowledge, we provide you with comprehensive market intelligence, recent competitive sales comps, and a recommendation for an optimum asking price for your aircraft.  We also evaluate your aircraft for any detail work, refurbishment or maintenance needed prior to bringing the aircraft to market.  We then settle on an agreed upon asking price for the aircraft.

HondaJet Elite S Blue


Marketing Strategy 

Applying our proficient industry cognizance, we market your aircraft for sale in all aviation industry facets including print and digital media, top aviation sales websites, and target aircraft publication and broadcast outlets that reach aviation professionals across the globe.  We also contact manufactures, dealers and brokers, as well as aircraft owners and operators.

Silver HondaJet On Ramp at Dusk

Professional Aircraft Showing &


Exercising our experienced and cultivated sales skills, we show your aircraft to qualified prospective buyers.  We coordinate to have your aircraft fully detailed and cleaned prior to the showings, and present your aircraft in its best possible appearance and condition.  We also arrange for demonstration flights as needed with your advance approval, and employ our highly trained, accomplished and persistent sales skills to sell your aircraft.

HondaJet Green Flying

Savvy Contract 

Leveraging our expert industry resources and capabilities, we produce an aircraft purchase agreement.  Our experience is your advantage as our aircraft purchase agreement is a template created by our own aviation attorney.  However you may also choose to have your own attorney involved in the purchase agreement contract and negotiations as well.

Informed Pre-Buy Inspection 

HondaJet Pilot Yoke

Successful Closing

Utilizing our veteran competence in aircraft closings, we prepare a closing checklist, provide the necessary FAA title documents, assist with the International Registry, and coordinate the closing process with all parties.  We provide advice on any closing issues that should arise, consult with recommended tax and legal counsel as needed, and coordinate the aircraft delivery and acceptance documentations.  We manage a successful closing with all parties in order to maximize your return and reward.

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