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Aircraft ownership is most often a journey.  It may start with charter or fractional ownership of an aircraft and transition into the realized dream of fully owning your own airplane, then graduate to making your first aircraft upgrade, and ultimately end with satisfied and fulfilled ownership of your final airplane.


Throughout the journey, the need for knowledgeable market intelligence and leading industry resources is essential in order to make the most educated and informed decisions.  From performing an initial needs analysis to determine your specific mission  requirements, to conducting a comprehensive market evaluation and aircraft search, to strategically negotiating the sale on your behalf, we are here to help guide you to make the right choices that ultimately best fulfill your missions, needs and budget.  With our experienced industry intelligence and resources, we can also provide recommendations for financing options, tax consultants, and aircraft management companies, connecting you directly with the experts in their fields who can most intelligently advise you step by step along your aircraft ownership journey.

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