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Don't be Fooled by Jet It… Again!

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

CEO of Jet It, Glenn Gonzales, has made a bold attempt to blame Honda Aircraft Company for his own company's failures... again. Don't be fooled by his claims. Do your own homework.

Six months ago we advised you not to be fooled by Jet It the first time.

If you are a younger sibling, I bet when you were a kid and you tried to deceive your parents, they were quick to figure out your scheme, because they were experienced parents and could spot your tactics immediately. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Hopefully this time you have already started to do your own homework, and have seen the evidence yourself that the safety and reliability of the HondaJet was not the true reason why Glenn Gonzales made the decision to ground his entire fleet. He is trying to fool you again in an attempt to save face.

Jet It HondaJet

Recently CEO of Jet It, Glenn Gonzales, grounded his entire fleet of HondaJet, Phenom 300, and Gulfstream G-150. Gonzales says the move to ground the aircraft was made due to safety concerns after a recent HondaJet runway excursion in which an owner pilot's aircraft that was not managed by Jet It departed the end of a wet runway at night in Sommerville, SC. Don't be fooled.

Craig Fuller, owner and CEO of FLYING magazine, has been on the inside track of Gonzales' attempt to pass the blame to Honda Aircraft Company for the downfall of his company, as he himself is a Jet It fractional owner of a HondaJet. Do your own homework and read Craig's articles (below).

In the aviation industry safety is paramount, and nobody will dispute that. Being cautious when safety concerns are at rick is something we all know and respect. Leaders in the HondaJet ecosystem to include Honda Aircraft Company, FlightSafety International, and the HondaJet Owners & Pilots Association are working to find ways to mitigate runway excursions through training and education. There has been no call from Honda Aircraft Company nor the FAA to ground the HondaJet fleet over safety concerns. Do not let Gonzales attempt to fool you again, his decisions were made to protect himself.

Upon doing your own research and having your own discussions with current HondaJet owners and pilots, we have no doubt that you will discover a family of aircraft owners and operators who are not only sincerely satisfied with the HondaJet's safety and reliability, but are genuinely passionate advocates of the world's most advanced light jet in its class.

What to do next if you are a Jet It Owner

Craig Fuller has made some excellent suggestions as to what owners can do next, and securing competent help should be step number one. You will find a small yet highly experienced community of aviation professionals that specialize in the HondaJet. Global Elite Aviation is one of them, and can help you and your newfound partners navigate through the messy predicament you have been involuntarily forced into. We maintain an extensive network of HondaJet experts who can assist with insurance, aircraft management, pilots, and more. We also hold close relationships at the highest levels of both Volato and Jet Token if you wish to keep your HondaJet on a similar fractional program. And if you and your partners ultimately decide to sell your HondaJet, you will find that Global Elite Aviation is the only aircraft brokerage firm in the industry uniquely specialized in all models of the HondaJet. You can view our previous transactions on our website's inventory page.

We also highly recommend that you and your partners seek specialized legal representation. Amanda Applegate, Founding Partner of Soar Aviation Law has previous experience representing owners just like yourself in the similar collapse of fractional operator Avantair, and currently represents many Jet It owners.

FLYING Articles by Craig Fuller

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