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Strategies for Selling your HondaJet

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Ready to sell your HondaJet? Then it is time to talk to your broker about developing a strategy that meets your precise needs and expectations.

Before you offer your beautiful HondaJet for sale, it is important to consider your specific needs and expectations for the sale, and discuss them with your broker. Not every aircraft sale is the same, and understanding your position will allow you and your broker to develop the best personalized strategy to sell your HondaJet.

In order to develop your strategy you should consider both the current market conditions, as well as identify your own timeline and pricing expectations.


How Quickly do You Need to Sell Your HondaJet?

Your timeframe will be the primary factor in developing a strategy to sell your HondaJet. You should discuss and evaluate your timing requirements with your broker. A knowledgeable broker can provide you with current market conditions, and together you can develop a strategy that not only meets your specific needs, but is also realistic in the current pre-owned HondaJet market.

If you need to sell your HondaJet quickly you should be prepared to be flexible on your pricing expectations during negotiations, and consider other factors such as closing contingencies from a buyer. It may be more advantageous to take a slightly lower offer from an all cash buyer in order to close quickly, versus accepting a higher offer with multiple contingencies that could delay or even kill the deal altogether.

On the other hand, if time is not a priority, you and your broker can develop a strategy to maximize your aircraft's sale price. In this case you might be able to hold out and get multiple competing offers for your HondaJet, keeping in mind that new buyers from around the world can enter the market at anytime. You might even consider having your broker develop your sales listing and be completely prepared to list your HondaJet for sale, and then wait until there are few or no competing aircraft on the market, to then list your HondaJet for sale.

Are You Able to List Your HondaJet Publicly?

In some cases you may have personal reasons to keep the sale of your HondaJet confidential. An off-market sale is certainly possible, however it can impact your aircraft's sale price as well as your timeline to close. In order to maximize your sale price off-market, you should select a broker who has recently advertised for sale a comparable HondaJet. A broker who has had recent listings will have an existing book of interested buyers for your HondaJet. Otherwise, your broker will be limited to reaching out to other brokers in order find a buyer for your HondaJet.

Having a well crafted public listing along with a strategic marketing plan will allow you to maximize your sale price, and may also reduce the time to close. Investing in a professional photo shoot should be part of any strategy that involves listing a HondaJet publicly for sale. You would not list your 6 million dollar condo in Aspen for sale with poorly executed pictures taken from your cell phone if you expected to sell it for top dollar, so why do that with a 6 million dollar private jet?!

Be Prepared to Adjust your Strategy

The pre-owned market conditions can change rapidly, especially in today's uncertain times. Stay in touch with your broker and reevaluate your strategy if necessary. An experienced broker with up-to-the-minute market intel can give you the confidence to hold firm on your pricing strategy. You may have the right price, but just need to be patient. However, if the market is changing significantly, you may need to adjust your sale expectations.

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