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Is the Crazy Hot Seller’s Market Back in Q’4?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Hint: We think the answer is yes...

Ice Blue HondaJet Elite for sale

If you are a broker who had an aircraft listed for sale in Q'2 and Q'3 this year, we are sure you will agree that the pre-owned market arguably softened during the late spring and summer months. Increased interest rates, the state of the United States economy, and even major world events all played a role in this cooling, and many speculated that the unprecedented seller's market we all experienced in 2021 and into early 2022 had officially reached its peak.

But is the crazy hot seller's market really over for good? We are leaning towards not just yet.

A HondaJet Elite for sale with Global Elite Aviation just closed a month and a half after it was listed, and sold for basically asking price after multiple competing offers. The frantic bidding war, hasty pre-buy inspection, and buyer and seller's equally motivated rush to close felt like the good old days of last year's adrenaline fueled market were officially back.

Coupled with the fact that the wait time for a factory new HondaJet Elite II position still remains several years out, and that aircraft has taken a substantial price increase as well, we forecast that the demand for pre-owned HondaJets is going to spike again as we accelerate into the forth Quarter and say goodbye to the last opportunity for 100% Bonus Depreciation.

HondaJet Elite Moonlight Cabin for Sale

If you are an owner hoping to sell your HondaJet in Q'4 for top dollar, now is the time to hire a credible broker, have professional pictures taken, and get your aircraft listed for sale on the market. If you are a buyer looking to purchase a HondaJet in Q'4, now is the time to narrow your search criteria, identify what is most important to you in an aircraft purchase, and even consider hiring a knowledgable acquisition agent to represent you in the transaction and help you identify the ideal HondaJet that best meets your missions, needs and budget.

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