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HondaJet Elite II Receives FAA Type Certification

Updated: May 18, 2023

Deliveries expected to commence by end of year

New HondaJet Elite II

Honda Aircraft Company is well known for continuously innovating its inaugural airplane, and the new HondaJet Elite II recently announced at NBAA-BACE 2022 is the prime example of how steady improvements lead to a truly class leading aircraft!

Performance Enhancements

The HondaJet Elite II builds on the very capable HondaJet Elite S model, and extends the aircraft's range by approximately 100 nm to 1,547 nm. Along with the additional range comes a higher gross weight. The HondaJet Elite II is capable of a max takeoff weight of 11,100 lbs., a 200 lbs. increase over the HondaJet Elite S. The new model also marks the first ever change to the HondaJet's wing. The HondaJet Elite II is now equipped with automatic ground spoilers to increase the aircraft's safety on landing.

Cabin Refinements

The class leading cabin of the HondaJet has also been updated once again with the HondaJet Elite II. This time Honda Aircraft Company has added two new interior color schemes, and an optional hard wood center aisle floor. The new color palettes include a lighter Onyx tone and a darker Steel style. The cabin seats have also been improved to now allow for swiveling capabilities. With the left side aft facing seat, a full 180 degree turnaround is now possible!

HondaJet Elite II Cabin

HondaJet Elite II new cabin seats

Avionics Improvements

Honda Aircraft Company has been continuously making improvements to the HondaJet's Garmin G3000 flight deck. The HondaJet Elite II is no exception, now equipped with Stabilized Approach, and the future integration of Autothrottles and Emergency Autoland.

HondaJet Elite II Auto Throttle Auto Land

HondaJet Elite II Autoland

Deliveries of the first HondaJet Elite II positions are scheduled to commence right away following the November 2, 2022 FAA type certification. Backlog of orders is currently 3 years out, and the new typically equipped price tag of a HondaJet Elite II is ~$7,500,000.

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