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Global Elite Aviation Celebrates 3 Years in Business

Updated: May 18, 2023

And just like that, 3 years flew by!

Three years ago today Global Elite Aviation opened its virtual doors to the aviation industry and debuted a new brokerage and acquisition services firm uniquely dedicated to all models of the HondaJet aircraft. It has been quite an eventful three years since that very first day. From launching at the beginning of a global pandemic in highly uncertain times, to accelerating into the unprecedentedly wild market we all experienced in 2021 and 2022, all the while promoting the growing exposure of the HondaJet as Honda Aircraft Company introduced two new HondaJet HA-420 models and announced a third concept aircraft.

Global Elite Aviation began with just a handful of customers looking to sell their HondaJet with someone they had a trusted relationship with. Since then we have spoken with countless new prospective buyers, most if not all new HondaJet owners, original deposit holders, and hundreds of industry colleagues and friends, providing current market intel and informative guidance on all of the latest innovations at Honda Aircraft Company. In the last three years Global Elite Aviation has sold HondaJets ranging from the 5th airplane produced to the very first HondaJet Elite S delivered. Global Elite Aviation has maintained at least one HondaJet sales listing on the market ever since that first day, and at one point had 5 HondaJets listed for sale at the same time, 4 of which sold within a month!

The Sky's The Limit

Fiscal Year 2022 broke sales records for many aircraft brokerage and acquisition firms, and Global Elite Aviation was no exception. We facilitated a total of 11 aircraft transactions and secured 14 new clients in 2022, outperforming our first two years in business combined. Global Elite Aviation is both honored and proud to continue offering its uniquely specialized services being the only brokerage and acquisition firm in the world exclusively dedicated to the HondaJet. We look forward to supporting both our current and future clients, and continuing to share the many innovations of the truly class leading HondaJet aircraft.

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