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HondaJet Broker Celebrates 2 Years in Business

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

It has been an exciting two years at Global Elite Aviation. Launching at the beginning of a global pandemic with little action in the market, fast forward to today’s unprecedented current market demand. Global Elite Aviation began with just a few customers looking to buy a HondaJet or sell their current HondaJet with someone they had a trusted relationship with. Since then we have talked with countless new prospective buyers, recently new HondaJet owners, and original deposit holders, providing current market intel, as well as information on all the latest innovations at Honda Aircraft Company. In the last two years Global Elite Aviation has sold HondaJets ranging from the 5th airplane produced to the first HondaJet Elite S delivered. At one point Global Elite Aviation had 5 HondaJets listed for sale at the same time, and 4 of those sold within a month!

Global Elite Aviation is Here to Stay

A broker colleague recently called looking for information on off-market HondaJet opportunities, as many do these days. He called me "The Queen of HondaJets". I have no royal aspirations, but I do intend on remaining the industry expert broker for the HondaJet, and look forward to talking with more prospective customers about this innovative and class leading airplane.

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