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HondaJet Partnerships

Find a HondaJet Partnership

HondaJet fractional ownership partnerships

Global Elite Aviation is proud to now offer HondaJet partnership opportunities. Our uniquely tailored services can assist you with identifying and establishing the ideal partnership for your HondaJet purchase. Whether you are seeking one partner or multiple partners for your HondaJet ownership, we utilize our extensive network of current HondaJet owners and deposit holders as well as prospective new owners, to find the perfect fit partnership that best suits your customized ownership needs, location and budget. 


Global Elite Aviation can also assist you with finding the right aircraft that best meets your missions and budget. By leveraging our relationships with the industry experts in their fields, we offer a seamless solution for your HondaJet purchase to include insurance, financing, tax, aircraft management and pilot services.  


Complete the request form below and we will get to work connecting you with likeminded potential partners in your desired location who share your HondaJet ownership requirements and goals.  

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A Comprehensive Solution



Global Elite Aviation maintains relationships to assist you with obtaining the best aircraft insurance for your HondaJet.  We work closely with the industry's leading insurance brokers for the HondaJet.  Even if you already have an insurance broker, we can help you better navigate the insurance market for the HondaJet.

In today's market with multiple financing options to choose from, Global Elite Aviation can narrow and hone your selection to the aviation industry's premier leading financing firms who not only hold the highest experience working with the HondaJet, but also offer the industry's most competitive rates as well. 


Global Elite Aviation can introduce you to the aviation industry's premier firms for aviation tax consulting, specific to the HondaJet.  Understanding the tax implications of your aircraft ownership is a critical step, and we as well as our partner tax consultants are ready to guide you to your decision.

HondaJet fractional ownership partnerships

Our Network of HondaJet Pilots


Global Elite Aviation maintains an outstanding professional relationship with both FlightSafety International Greensboro as well as Shepherd Aero HondaJet HA-420 training program facilities.  We can help you to determine the ideal training option that best suits your specific needs and schedule.  We know who to contact to get you the training you need, when you need it.  

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